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Jan 11, 2013
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After what felt like months of being uninspired (it really wasn't that long), I'm finally excited about making soap again. I made two batches today and have ideas for several more. One of them needs a bit of help from my husband to source one item I'll require to make it. It gets him out of the house, doing something outside of his normal routine and that's not a bad thing.

Here's a peek at one of the soaps I poured today. This one makes me happy!

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it makes me happy too!
Jun 8, 2020
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Something I learned today....

Storing shrink wrapped soaps does not ensure quality, I guess unless they were hermetically sealed (aka, no sniffy spot)

i always yell at myself for not wrapping when they are ready, then having to do a bunch in a pinch. I have my first vendor event next saturday so I am getting all of my soaps in order.

I have a lot of both wrapped and unwrapped cured soaps. The unwrapped ones were perfect. I just needed to go over them a little with a beveler and microfiber cloth and stuff and blast with the heat gun. I put off the ones that I had previously wrapped, thinking that all I needed to do was hit with a heat gun because of shrinkage.

Those stored wrapped soaps are a nightmare!! I had to unwrap every single one of them. A bunch didn't look bad but smelled rancid. The "sniffy spot" on them got all weird shriveled up looking and the exposed spot attracted dust and dirt even though they were just tucked away in a box. Older soaps that I hadn't wrapped were all perfectly fine. I have soaps that I put in a soap box a long time ago because I was experimenting with packaging...those ones are fine. Its just the shrink-wrapped ones that I lost a lot of.

It might be my weather and fluctuation of temperatures..or maybe my tendency to look at unwrapped soaps more often to inspect them. I dunno. But definitely today I got a rude awakening that its best (for me anyway) to not shrink wrap until they are going to be sold.

I have two exact same recipes made from the exact same bottle of FO, On the exact same day...one I am still currently using in my shower, and the other batch just all got tossed because it smelled funky.

You might have all known this already, but I just figured it out.

Still going through the soap carnage. Its very depressing. I will still have enough to do the event on Saturday, but I just cannot believe how much I lost. Nothing is older than 6 months, but some of them look (and smell) like they have been sitting around for a decade. All the same recipe.

Now that I have decided to jump into the vendor events, this is going to put me back because I am going to have to get moving on making soap. Unless this week is a total flop and I don't sell anything, I won't have enough soap ready to do another event for at least a month, pouring every minute into making soap...not totally a bad thing per se lol. I guess I am going to have to tell the lady to take me off the list for now (it's a weekly event every Saturday, and you get a good spot and a discount for signing up for multiple events).

Anyway, moving forward. Back to thinking positive.... this saturday is going to be a good event. It starts at 4 and ends at 8. They are going to have alcohol vendors, which is always good for sales LOL. I had to pay $50 instead of the usual $35 for the morning markets. I bought solar string lights and a battery pack that I can plug things into (like electric lights and a cell phone, etc.). My table is probably going to be a little plain until I get some more decorations though. But that's ok, I never judged a vendor by their table before anyway LOL.
Aug 26, 2015
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
I'll just drop this here.

Happy (1).png

I'm calling this one Happy because it makes me happy. Scented with Yuzu.
Apr 5, 2018
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May 20, 2020
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Wrapped some soaps that I wasn’t too happy with because the dough embeds were smearing. But I’ve been using one and it’s great!
made 4 batches (2 kinds) of bath bombs today. Inspired by spring! Green Man scented with vetiver from CC, and the Triple Goddess scented with chamomile and neroli from CC. They’re both EO/FO blends and I luuuuuuve the way they smell!!
first full week of my day job this week. Yay? But I hope to at least start prepping my next batches of soap.
Also, first daffodil of the season!!!


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Nov 15, 2018
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I used up all my shreds and offcuts to make a huge rebatch this weekend, scented with a mocha-coffee scent to go with the brown color. Unfortunately, I waited to long to cut it, and broke a string on my cutter. Of course it wasn't worth the cost of shipping to buy just a few strings, sooooo, a few fragrances and some glitter will be escorting the strings to my home. 😁

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