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What size container do you prefer

  • 4 oz

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  • 8 oz

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  • 12 oz

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  • 16 oz or higher

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Jun 11, 2008
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is your favorite? I am going to get back into making candles. I have B-I-G containers....32 oz and up. What size do you prefer?
I like them big. I just want to light 1 or 2 & not have to have them in every room of the house to get a good all over scent.
I TOTALLY agree with you Tabitha. I like to put one in my kitchen. It's the center of the house. When it's lit..the whole house smells good...And our house isn't a small one either. :D
I voted 16 & higher.
They last longer and don't require that the wick to be trimmed every 30 minutes,to avoid the soot.
But dog gone it! I love burning those little votive's. I'm up to 35 scents to test out votive's are great for small batches.

Munky :)
I love tarts/wax melts. :oops: Very rarely burn candles.... I ALWAYS forget to blow them out, I had one burn for almost an entire day once and it got ruined....