What Permits and Paperwork do I need to start manufacturing and selling on line?

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Feb 6, 2015
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Quick back ground. I am getting into soap making and think I have a pretty interesting and new approach to it from a business perspective. Problem is I live in Toronto, Canada where I need permits for everything apparently. I'm looking for advice from any other Canadians who have started making and selling soap regarding what I need to do to get started. I will be selling on line only and so far I think I need the following:

Sole proprietorship
cosmetic permit
cosmetic registration for each product
business permit
Liability insurance

When it comes to the permits am I missing anything? I will be making the soap in my apartment and selling on line, I'm worried the city might make a zoning issue out of that. Obviously there are no employees involved and I won't have customers coming to my door.

Navigating the red tape is confusing and expensive apparently, I'm going to spend more on permits than on actual start up costs.