What is up with this soap?

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Oct 7, 2007
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Greenwood AR
What would make a soap have a velvety soft texture? It's not soggy, it's like it's has a velvet coating. I used the same base recipe I always use, and went throught the same process as ususal. I added a different combo of essential oils and this could be the issue. I've been making soap for 7 years and have never had this or read about it. Any ideas?
Hi -

I think what you are seeing is ash. Can you post a pic?

If it's ash, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth sometimes and it will be fine. Sometimes it takes a little more. Sounds like it's all over your bars though? It doesn't hurt the soap - just the look.

I have two FO's that will ash if I don't gel the soap. Some people have to gel all of their soap or they will get ash every time. I think it depends partly on climate, recipe and fragrance. Well - that's what I have broken it down to so far anyway. Not an exact science mind you. :)

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