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Ummm... so the last two days at my ft job have been slow, so I put together a pitch for a couple breweries. I was feeling sassy this morning, so I hit send on all seven of those emails... as of 20 minutes ago, four would like a sample and pricing info mailed to them, two would like to start orders (both of them know my hometown brewery that I started making soap for and actually have tried my soap but weren't sure how to get ahold of me), and one replied back not interested. Even if the four that would like more info don't order, I've met my wholesale goal for 2019. Me thinks I might need to make that goal bigger...
Are you young or something? How do you get everything done?
LOL. I don't sleep... and my kids are ages 16-11 and pretty independent (well, my two are, my step-kids not so much, but they go to their dad if they need stuff), and my hubby has no problems doing laundry, dishes, house cleaning or cooking. In fact we have an agreement that he does laundry if I do the dishes (but he pitches in and runs the dishwasher if needed). He also does the majority of the grocery shopping... and errands... because those places are on his way home from work so it's easier for him. So yeah... long story short... my husband is holding it all together.
I now have a logo. I've waited long enough for my son and a friend to design one for me and it hasn't happened so I went to Fiverr and had one done. I've already had new business cards made and I'm redesigning my labels.

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@Lin19687 this weekend would not have impressed you.... Dirty dishes are still glaring at me from their tote. My to do list is growing and I'm in shutdown mode. I'm doing a brain dump today and reprioritizing. We'll see how this week goes.