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Jul 24, 2013
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I made a batch of cp and used 1:1 lye and water. added to oils and stick blended to trace added the gm. scented and poured in mold. It looked fine then I started to texture the tops and noticed it is liquid under the top of the soap. Don't know what happened to it. TIA
Is it hot and gelling? If it is not, I would unmold and reblend it, just in case it is separating. If it's overheating and separating, you would have to reblend it anyhow so I think it's a no-lose proposition to ensure your soap is okay.

Did you use an accelerating FO?
I mixed my color in about an ounce of oil then added some soap batter and did a in the pot swirl. Do you think I used to much oil to mix the color with? I have used the FO before with no problem. Just looked at he soap again and it is oil on the top.
You may have gotten a false trace. I usually take the oil from the recipe to mix with color. I don't add extra. I would do as suggested and dump it out and stick blend again or dump in crockpot and do hot process.
Yep, I agree. When I use a more highly concentrated lye solution, it takes ages to truly trace. It's possible it cooled or for some reason, didn't fully blend and is now separating. If it's a tiny bit of oil on top, it may resorb but if it's a full layer, just forego the ITP and reblend. It's sad but we've all had to do it.
Are you using a calculator and a scale?

Did you use oil from your batch, or use extra oil to mix your colorants?

1 oz of oil is quite alot to mix colorant in unless its a large batch..what are your percentages and oil types?
I was doing a itp swirl. The batter was hot after I put the milk in so I think it may have got to hot. I just pitched it.
It sounds like it overheated/separated if it was hot. I would also just add the milk into your oils before your lye mixture. What temperature did you soap at?
oh never pitch a batch!! I just had separation on one of my soaps, I did not notice until it would have been time to cut the bar. I cut it up and put it in a crock pot and hot processed it. I put it back in the mold and I have a soap that still has some scent and I can use it at home with no problem after curing. Mine had overheated I have no doubt.