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Feb 19, 2013
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Ahhh this is the best~est group :)You all give it to me straight but help me out @ the same time without being rude. You all know I'm a newbie with all my crazy questions.I'm not shy and really want to learn and I highly appreciate ALL your reply's.If I did not mess up in the first place id never had learned so Thanks :) I now know more what Iv done wrong & learning something new all the time!! I mean Iv only been soaping for a couple months not even.Only have a few batches under my belt.So iv lived & learned and I will continue to do so. Honestly its no ones fault but my own why I messed up in the 1st place and I know now that I have to soap calc everything tho I already knew that but I made a Human mistake and since I'm new I questioned myself so I did not go with my original recipe that i did soap calc btw ,I just though maybe their was something that i was not aware of so I made the mistake and It was my mistake and Iv only learned from it :) I just hope my future "soaping" turns out as nice as all yours!! Thanks so much for everything!! Jess

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