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Feb 20, 2008
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Coconut Oil - 20%
Castor Oil - 8%
Olive - 37%
Palm Kernel - 15%
Rice Bran Oil - 10%
Cocoa Butter - 10%

I get:
Hardness - 41
Cleansing - 23
Condition - 54
Bubbly - 30
Creamy - 25

Should be non-sticky and work okay shouldn't it?
It looks good to me. Course I am not an expert by any means.
see for me it would be drying. my skin prefers soaps with higher conditioning so my linoleic fiqure runs at least a 15. ( and my cleansing around 16 with my lathering oils coconut & pk no more then a total of 25% combined). you could up your superfat to 8-10% to combat the dryness from the coconut/pk and still keep your high bubbly. ( i personnally think the sap value for coconut is too high on any lye calculator but that's just me. ) please read on. :arrow:

here's your fatty acids

Fatty Acids
% Individual / Combined
Lauric 17
Linoleic 7
Linolenic 0 0
Myristic 6
Oleic 39
Palmitic 12

it's all a matter of personnel preference, and please don't take offense to this as it wasn't meant that way, you asked for opinions and i gave you mine, just tossing some info around.
my hubby or teenager would be able to use this no problem.

in keeping with the oils you have listed i would just switch some of the percentages around and add some solid soybean in there, like crisco. ( have to watch "crisco" may not be soybean and cottonseed any longer but most store brands veggie oils still are. you use the sap value for soybean.

olive 37%
coconut 15%
soybean 15%
pk 10%
cocoa bttr 10%
castor 8%
rice bran 5%

this gives you lineloic of 14

you have 16 for clean
60 for conditioning
23 bubbly
27 creamy

now remember this is just a soap my skin would prefer, your's may not.

i thinks somewhere i have something that relates to age and skin types as to what kind of soaps they prefer.

teens and those thru 30 something with normal skin types can do just fine with your formula version as a rule

more mature or dry skin does better with higher lineolic versions

i posted a properties chart
for the various soaping oils we use as to their fatty acid values. things that are high in this are evening primrose, soybean shortening, corn oil, grapeseed, high lineolic sunflower or safflower ( these two are becoming harder and harder to find, if you are lucky enough to find either one in the grocery store they are most likley high oleic. now you don't need these in real high quanities to make a difference, when combined with other oils.

they do however have shorter shelf lives, and cause you to have slightly softer soap when you look at your final numbers. but this isn't a problem when you get them in a good synergy with your other oils. my soaps run in the 140 range and are hard enough to last me at least a month everyday in the shower.

even though no two oils are exactly alike comparing these basic soaping oils they are close, but still lend their own qualities to the soap.

coconut, pk and babassu are lathering oils

palm, lard, tallow, filler oils add hardness, i consider soybean shortening as a filler oil but it does help with the conditioning and with the current price of soybeans it isn't really isn't one of the cheaper oils any longer.

olive oil, rice bran, high oleic sunflower and safflower lend conditioning and stable lather.

dang sorry i really didn't mean to be a big windbag here, and like i said before i really don't know everything there is to know and i really hope it doesn't come across that way, it's so hard to type this kind of stuff out then talking person to person. this is just some of the things i have come across while making soap and researching, and reading ( i have about 20 soap groups i'm on, not all the time, lol i do have a life. but most are helpful if i need help with something and you get many different view points on everything which is good.

i'm shutting up now :oops:

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