What did I miss when making gel soap from a solid bar soap?

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Nov 8, 2015
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I made my own solid bar soap (Lye + Oil). After cured time, i intend to use that bar to make gel form soap. First, I skive it into pieces and put them with boiling water into my blender, then I blend them so they dissolve. Then I add extra glycerin and honey, blend them once more time ===> I have my own gel soap.

I made one by following that recipe, with 100g bar soap and 200ml boiling water, then the problems came:

1. I did not know if I should use any preservative or not. My gel soap contained water, but I saw nothing grown (bacteria, ...)

2. My glycerine seemed to separate from the liquid. I tried to use 3g glycerine cocoate (an emulsifier from coconut oil and glycerine). But a little separated glycerin still remained. :-|

3. I found out people advised to use co-emulsifier like stearic acid, but i thought it was not necessary. :think:

4. Last but not least, I also found that my gel soap need an antioxidant like vitamin E to prevent transmutation of things (oil, soap, ...) and I decided to use green tea powder :?

So now I need some advises from who used to make gel soap like me. Is there anyone here who can help me? :confused:
Unfortunately, making gel or liquid soap from bar soap is actually the worst possible way to go about making gel or liquid soap. I know there are lots of recipes posted out there on the net about it, but according to those here who have tried it, all it does is make a goopy mess that's vulnerable to being taken over by bacteria over time. The absolute best way is from scratch with KOH and oils.

IrishLass :)
I agree with everyone here. I once tried to make liquid soap that way. It ended up being horrible solid "snot". It was truly horrible. Making true liquid soap with KOH, can be a bit complicated at first but is worth the effort. There are some amazing threads on the forum about it, particularly by Irish Lass and Susie.
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