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Apr 7, 2008
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but I'm still ridiculously stoked with my first two batches.. I have no idea if they are good but they look decent! I was relieved at how unscary working with the lye was, I took all the precautions but I was prepared for a fight club type disaster. The only issue I had was getting them out of the mold and cutting them in uniform sizes..

Oh and I thought I had not spilled any of the lye crystals until one got stuck to my arm, akk.

Here ya go :) Thanks for looking.


They look wonderful!!!!! Bet you can't wait for them to cure huh???? :)
What scents did you use??? The bottom looks like a coffee soap - I have some I did for the kitchen, an odor eliminator soap. good stuff! nice job!!!
Thank you! I am like a proud mom with them and no one I know "gets" it and thinks I'm insane, lol!

The top has cucumber melon for the scent and the bottom I made with espresso instead of water, some ground coffee, and a cappucinno scent (I wish I had used just coffee though.)

Cure baby cure!

You should be very proud, they look so good. I wish I had a pic of my first batch. It was kind of scary. GOOD JOB!
Thanks everyone! I am officially becoming an addict and just finished my fourth batch. I am actually dreaming about soap!!

I got annoyed the other day at a craft shop when I asked about soaping supplies and the lady practically had her eyes roll out of her head when she replied that "making soap was just a fad and no one carries the stuff anymore." Super rude about it. :x