Weird percentages/essential oils calculation help???

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Jan 10, 2008
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OK I am gaining a little better understanding of soapcalc and working with it.... I am kind of confused on one thing though (which may be because of my math skills which have fallen off since ive graduated a few months ago).

I am using this recipe:

75% olive oil
25% coconut oil

then lets say i want to calculate the percentages of things in my recipe for a 2lb batch:

H20: 344g
NaOH: 127 g
Olive: 680g
Coconut: 226g

Total weight: 1377 g

so that means that I am using

H20: 24.9%
NaOH: 9.22%
Olive: 49%
Coconut: 16%

These numbers are different because it is calculated from the TOTAL weight of ingredients instead of just the oils which would be 75/25....right???

so if I want to calculate how much EO to use (lets say 1.5% of total weight)

I would calculate/use 1377gX1.5% =20.7g (rounded) of EO in the batch??)....right??

just making sure my math is correct because like i said im a little rusty

Thank you to every/anyone who helps!

I dont think Id be able to learn to soap without this forum so serioulsy....MAJOR THANKS TO EVERYONE!

I generally calculate the amount of EOs based on the total weight of the oils only. I don't calculate the lye water weight into the calcs....

As far as the math....I will leave that to someone else (which is a bit embarrassing since I am a scientist :oops: ). My math brain stop functioning when I hit long division in 5th grade!.

Good Luck!
reallly!? same with me!! long division killed my enthusiasm for math completely!

Ok so since I used

Olive: 680g
Coconut: 226g

If I wanted to use 1.5% EO of total oil weight I would just work out what 1.5% of 906grams (680+226) is....which should be....13.6grams....??

I dont mind if the math is pretty sure ive got it right for that.. but do i get the general idea???

thanks for the reply!!

Yep that's correct. So do you prefer to calculate your scents based on percentages rather than weights?

I have only done by EOs by weight. With FOs I do it by scent....but they still come out a little on the strong side. And really...I prefer just using EOs (even though they are expensive).

you do know that soap calc will figure your frag oil or e/o for you.

there is a place for it on the left hand side down towards the bottom.

.50 for 1/2 oz per pound of oils or .70 etc.

LOL!!! You think I would have noticed that by now! Good to know. I think I may have played with it the first time I was on the soapcalc....before I really knew what I was talking or thinking about.....I guess I should go back and take a look at that now.

I do like rainbow meadows info site which will calculate blends for you.....even if I only have half of the EOs they recommend for the blends. More reason to increase my inventory of supplies.

Thanks Barb!

i think math has run amok! :) i believe the general rule of thumb is 0.5 to 1 oz EO per pound of oil in a batch depending on the EO. citrus use more, mints use less...
aha!! thanks!! i know there are little columns on the bottom that lets you type stuff in but i didnt know it actually calculates what you put in there! good to know thank you much!!!

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