WEEEE I think I made soap!!!!!

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Mar 11, 2008
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The 2 1lb batches that I made never made a full trace. I hand stirred it seem like forever and went ahead poured into mold. After 2 days in the mold I took it out and cut it. The 1st batch I did a tongue test to see if zapped like you guys talk about. Nothing it just tasted like soap. So I went ahead and washed my hands in it to see what it would do and feel like. It made a nice creamy lather. I did not sent it, but I like the "just soap smell" it left. Now the family is fighting to see who uses it first, but I put back up for a few more weeks just in case. I ran both batches thru the soapcal9 and did just what it said. BUT I'M HAPPY I STILL GOT SOAP!!!!

Marr- yes it does :D Missjules- no not yet I still have to whine and look sorry for myself :lol:

you will so appreciate the stick blender once you use it! Congrats on your 1st soap of many! k
Way to go. :D I remember my first and second batches. The first, a GM burnt mess. The second batch was much, much, better. Never looked back since! It feels so good to produce something that is so good.

Wooooooooohoooooooooo!!!!! I remember that feeling. I did my 1st batch a bit over a month ago, so I'm now using my first batches. I'm still amazed that I make soap!!!! :shock:

Everytime I clean up after a batch, I giggle over the bubbles. Whoda thought? Soap?!