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I have been trying, in vain, to find someone who can do good Web site photography.

I would love to have pictures of my different bars on our Web site, but we want good quality photos.

How are Web site photos taken typically? The ones, with the white background that makes the product stand out..?????

I bought one of those photo tents but the pictures came out like soap in a photo tent.

Any suggestions?
I do everything manually in a photo editor. My husband just bought a really expensive camera and it is so hard to use, I just keep using my old one...
Example- I just took this picture on the table in front of the window...

Then I edited it by cropping and multiple enhancing the image, then I took up the brightness a bit and put in a splash of contrast. The only hard part is "painting" around the image because you have to have a very steady hand. My site is black so when I put pictures on it, the images look suspended.

If you have some images you really like, but you want modified for your site, I could see what I could do with them. :) :)

*post edited multiple times because I am a horrible typer!
I use a cheap vegetable peeler. They were like 2 for 1.27. Takes longer that way, but I just put on some music and bevele away!

With pictures, as long as it is in focus, you can usually fix anything up! :)
I just put my soap on a sheet of white poster board to give it a nice white backdrop. i put it on the floor next to my sliding glass door so i get plenty of natural sunlight, rather than just using light from a flash. Then i use photoshop to touch them up and adjust the colors & contrast.