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Apr 19, 2019
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Making holes in the 70:30 sachets with a heated metal skewer turned out to be super easy. I also tried a batch with an 80:20 blend. Although they were a little easier to decorate, they are obviously softer, which is a negative. But, now I know that I can use a heated metal skewer to “spot weld” decorations onto the face of the sachets made with the 70:30 blend. I also made a test batch of 100% GW 415 melts with 10% FO. The hot throw is considerably stronger than my lavender-scented test melts made with a blend of soy wax and a little beeswax and lavender eo.
Dec 11, 2018
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Columbia, mo
After a bit of research here and on the Candle Science website, I decided against trying to make candles. Thank you @jcandleattic, @lenarenee, @Quanta and others for saving me from myself 😂.

Instead, I’m forging ahead with wax melts and wax sachets. One challenge I set is to use up supplies I have on hand, which means I don’t have the wax recommended for melts/tarts. I came up with the following recipes and would greatly appreciate input regarding any adjustments I should make for whatever reasons I can’t anticipate due to lack of knowledge and experience. I also still have a few questions. Thanks in advance!

Wax Melts
96% soy wax GW 415
4% beeswax pastilles
6% wt. of wax for eo blend

V1 - Each piece is about 7 grams and they’re scented with lavender eo. A smaller piece has been in my electric wax tart warmer for just over three hours. The oil in the middle of the bowl is approx 225F and the temp drops below 200F towards the rim of the bowl. The lavender buds look fine and I can smell the lavender eo. I made this batch last night and the melts popped right out of the mold this morning. This silicone mold from the thrift store is not shiny, so I guess I should not expect shiny sides, but I think I also read something about the behavior of soy wax being problematic (crumbly?).

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I happen to have a bunch of Ikea tea lights sitting around for a few years now. They’re in a closed container, so not dusty. Can I upcycle them into wax tarts for use with FOs? If so, can I use the paraffin on its own?

Wax Sachets
70% soy wax GW 415
30% candelilla wax
7% wt. of wax for eo blend

V1 - This is my first recipe and second try at decorating after I smashed the orange slice through the top of the first one. Figuring out when to decorate will be key because I created a bit of a crack even when I gently placed the orange on what still looked more or less like liquid wax on the top of this one. The “cold throw” is satisfactory.

I have family in Arizona and will warn them against using one of these in a car. Otherwise, how does the wax blend look for longevity/durability? This prototype made with 70 g of wax seems a bit too big/thick relative to pictures of sachets I’ve seen online, so I will probably try 60 g or even 50 g next. I plan to make a hole at one end using a hot nail and will add ribbon or string for hanging.

I’m also wondering if there’s a way to get powders to stay dispersed in wax.

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Do candles made with soy wax ever go rancid? I’m wondering if I should add ROE.
When I make sachets, I use a 50/50 blend of white beeswax/soy wax and it works perfectly.

I am going to try a hot metal skewer on these, but the straw idea might work if the wax doesn’t stick. What I really need are wax sachets molds that have the post for making the hole. Do they sell them on Amazon? Can I have them by tomorrow? 🤣
They do sell them on Amazon and they work perfectly. I make about 24 at a time and have never had a fail


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