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Apr 15, 2007
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Eastern Montana
ok just an update on the goat soap-- color is about right and smell's ok now, guess I just burned the heck outa it the first time. thanks guys!!!

ok I was wandering through walmart's craft section (no stores to buy ANY craft stuff around here) and happened to spot the scented oils (I think they're for incense-burner type things)... what do you suppose would happen if I was to try them in my soap? anyone ever tried this? there are some cool sounding fragrances I wouldn't mind trying... I just don't want to get a rash or something, lol... and was planning to give soap to the inlaws for mothers day... maybe that would be bad... hehe... :twisted:

oh yeah, and my soap keeps seperating a little in the molds, but you dont see it till you unmold them and they have lighter streaks in them... am I not stirring enough? I tried a blender and I think I fried the motor in it. oops.

thanks again!
There are several grades of fragrance oils.

Skin Safe
Lip Safe

Lip safe is the very safest, good for all edible *type* prodects like flavored massage oils & lip balms, all leave on body products & wash off aplications.

Skin Safe is 2nd safest, it's for items you plan to leave on or rub into your skin w/o washing off like lotions & body mists. If it's skin safe it is also soap safe.

Soap safe is good for items that will be rinsed again with water like soap, shower gel & bubble bath.

Candle oils are good for non skin applications like burners, sachets & pot pouri.

Some oils intended for candles are skin &/or soap safe also, but usually by accident. I would not recommend useing it if it is not labeled as soap or skin safe.
Walmart's oils are probably a lot more expensive than skin safe professional oils you can buy online too. I know several supplier that sell their oils for about $1.00 per oz. I can send you links if you need them.
thanks for clearing that up and saving me from a potential in-law disaster, lol.

ok so at the risk of sounding totally incompetent, does an "essential oil" (versus a fragrence oil) not have a lot of smell? and if you use organic things (like maybe orange peel or flower petals) do you not get enough scent to make it worth while?

I would love those links if it's not too much trouble. I think I'm hooked on this now. figures, another hobby......... at least this one's half way useful.

oh yeah, a piece of advice i found out the hard way, if anyone cares: keep your drying rack out of doggie reach. my old very broke dog ate a bar (only cured a week or so) off the shelf and proceeded to vomit bubbles all night.... guess that lard and goat milk seemed tasty........ oh well. she's fine now and has kept her distance from the shelf, lol!!

My dogs eat soap too. Even out of the bathtub. I had to start storing them on the window sill rather than the soap tray because she would actually climb into the bathtub to get to them. I guess they smelled so good she thought it was a treat or something.

Essential oils are a lot stronger than fragrance oils. Essential oils (EO) are natural whereas fragrance oils (FO) are synthetic. There are pros and cons to both. You need about 1/3 less of an EO than you do of an FO. There are many more scent options when using FO's. FO's are a lot cheaper than EO's.

You should never use the potpourri, lamp ring oils, etc. to scent bath and body products.

You should purchase a stick blender (I'm assuming you are doing cold process (CP) soap) to stir your soap with. The separation is most likely occuring from soap which is not mixed thouroughly.