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May 2, 2018
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How do you handle having to wait? Do you ever just get impatient and want to try it? How do you time having soap ready for certain dates? I am making my first batch of soap this week, if my lye arrives! . I am trying to figure out how to make a variety of types so some will cure and be usable before others. Any tips on soaps that cure the quickest? I know most need 6-8 weeks and salt needs a lot more. I want to have some ready for September gift giving. Does this make sense?

Our weather can be hot and humid so it will be in a room with AC hopefully. Will that impact it negatively?

1. I start with my trial experimental soaps in this next week ( mid May)
2. I can try them mid July.......... figure out if they work or not.
3....then make the gift soap in mid July, It will be ready to give by early September? ( not salt)

I welcome suggestions of easiest, quickest curing and most likely to be successful soaps. I will try both cp/hp. Have been reading and watching tons of videos and reading tons of sites for tips and recipes. There is a lot out there! Looking to find one easy base that I can than change up to create variety ; no palm , lard etc.
In Sept or early Oct . I hope to have 8 -10 bars of the following for gifting birthdays etc. so I can make little baskets.
  • one lavender variety,
  • one with more herbal scents or earth scents like sandlewood or cedarwood
  • one Bastille unscented sensitive skin type
  • one Charcoal variety;
  • would like to use at least one bar with clay, maybe the cucumber recipe I see around Youtube.
I bought Pomace OO, regular OO Sunflower, RiceBran , cocoa butter and a small shea butter; sweet almond oil
French green clay, charcoal
a variety of Essential Oils and a couple of coloring products.
2 loaf molds that hold 2.5 lbs. Husband will make me a few more and I might buy some of the cavity type at Walmart.

Thank you in advance for advice and feedback.
Any soap you make in May will be good in September. There are some - such as 100% olive oil - that might benefit from a longer cure. Heck, my 40% lard bars are much better at 2 years than they are at 3 months! (assuming there's no DOS on them!)

Even a salt bar or a 100% OO bar is going to be good at 5 months.
After saponification is over, the soap is technically safe to use. It's just not going to be at its best. Anytime after the soap passes the zap test, you can do a hand wash test. Whether HP or CP, I'd wait a week after you cut the bars to try the soap in the shower. Even if it passes a zap test, young soap can still be irritating to delicate skin, so it's wise to not rush into using it in the shower.

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