Vetiver EO - Need rec for good quality/decent price

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Nov 14, 2010
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Vetiver is one of my favorite EO's, but it tends to be pricey so I usually only use it in small amounts unless I'm using it for personal use.
However...I'm planning a special soap for a festival I attend in October. This festival is hosted by a non-profit group dedicated to saving the Louisiana wetlands. I wanted to make a soap whose scent would be reminiscent of the bayou, so I'm thinking cypress EO, vetiver EO, and something "green" (any/all suggestions would be MORE than welcome for this blend!)
My thoughts were to give this soap a special display along with literature about the history/mission of the organization and to donate 50% of the sales of the soap directly to the organization. They really like the idea and I'll get all of the literature vetted by them in the next couple of months.
But since Vetiver is expensive, I would welcome any recommendations for your favorite supplier.

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