Vendor is saying no MSG...we think it might be

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Mar 13, 2012
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New Jersey
Hello everyone.
We are considering purchasing natural flavor/scents for our natural handmade products (mostly skin care). On a vendors website we see the following ingredient listed "protein hydrolysate". When contacting the company they assure us there is no MSG in these products. However, when researching key terms used to identify processed free glutamic acid (MSG) we keep seeing the term 'hydrolyzed protein'. Is there enough information to make educated decision on this being positive for MSG? We really go out of our way to make sure our products are non toxic and wanted to run this by the board. Thanks in advance.

Hi Genny,
we felt same way about it. We are not scientist and didn't know if there was a key distinction between words hydrolysate and hydrolyzed.
According to the dictionary, Hydrolyzed means "to subject to or undergo hydrolysis". Hydrolysate means "A substance produced by hydrolysis."

It could be that your supplier just doesn't know.

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