Vegetable shortening vs Palm in soap?


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Jul 19, 2019
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Cloud Nine
I use palm in my soap pretty often and it work well for me. However, the only thing I have to complain was that it always gives my soap a yellow tint. It fades over the time but it does need a long cure (3-4 months at least) and sometimes it doesn't fade at all, which can mess up my coloring seriously.
I use lard for myself and friends but for the soaps I put up for sale, people still prefer not to have lard or tallow in there.
Recently, my supplier have some vegetable shortening (a local brand, not crisco) in stock. It's made from palm and soy, no exact percentage, but the supplier provided a SAP number. I bought 1 lb to test it out and it was decent so far, the soap was hard and the batter was already much lighter than palm batter in the same percentage. Being in block form instead of the half-solid form of palm it was also easier to measure and manage so I now want to swap all my palm for shortening.
I'd like to know what's everyone else's experience with palm vs shortening? In terms of longevity and hardness and maybe coloring, too? I will do some testing of my own but I hadn't got the chance to make soap often lately, so any sharing would be super helpful!

Todd Ziegler

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Sep 10, 2018
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Tipton IN
I have never really noticed a difference in the hardness or longevity of palm vs shortening. They have both preformed equally and the shortening has never affected my colors in any way.