using Wisconsin red granite& VeeGum T in my soap

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Feb 28, 2021
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I lost my pottery business dew to the mandate. and now am making soap .I use to mill up a granite from Wisconsin Called the Wisconsin Red Granite. its has a very nice red color .i used it for making pottery glazes so i had some on hand . I prepare it by heating the stone to red heat in oxidation and this makes the rock grumble . i then grind it to 1/8th inch minus and put it in my ball mill and bring it down to 200-325 mesh and it has a nice pink color . the vee gum T is a montmorilonite clay very similar to bentonite so i took 1% VeeGum T and 13% granite and made a soap , cold prosses, and it works very well , has a nice light pink color and is hard, i think two things the granite does is opens up the soap body and lets it breath a bit ,and acts as a exfoliants . the vee gum makes it slippery. I add the vee gum to the water and then add the lye and mix the granite powder in some oil I am making 650 gram batches wich works out perfect for 2lbs

a picture of the finished soap


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