Using Crisco/shortening in candle making, and also cleaning paraffin

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Aug 29, 2020
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Southern California
Thank you so much, Peachy Clean Soap, for your instructive post! I have no clue what Crisco is and thought the best approximation would be margarine which I never liked.
Your report from the Procter&Gamble rabbit hole is most interesting. It's a shame they ruined the use of schmaltz in (Ashkenazi) Jewish cooking. Schmaltz cracknells are so yummi!
Awwwww your most welcome 💫🤗.
Update: My phrase ‘ let me jump dow the rabbit hole 🐰 is a fun phrase we US citizens use meaning “ research can go for a long time’ as in nature underground rabbit holes go for miles’.
The article name: Fun Facts About Proctor & Gamble. their was other interesting Fun Facts in this article too but I didn’t want this post to long.

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying ‘ Schmaltz Cracknells’ is it a cracker?
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