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Mar 2, 2014
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Arizona, USA
I'd like to try using aloe vera juice as my lye water and I have a few questions for those of you that have used it. The container says it's 99.8% aloe and the ingredient list says "Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate." Since the citric acid and sodium benzoate are 0.2% of the total, should I be concerned about the citric acid using more lye? Also, is the sodium benzoate going to cause any trouble? Do you dissolve your lye in water 1:1 then add the remaining in aloe juice or use the juice as 100% of the water component? TIA!!!

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The stuff I use has the same additives and it's never caused me any problems. I usually do the 1:1 lye water and make up the diff with aloe vera juice. Wait until your lye water is cool to add the aloe or it will turn yellowy/orangey.
Ooohhh, good to know about the color change, Doriette. I always expect that when I use beer or wine so it wouldn't have totally shocked me. Does the color change stay in the final cured soap? I was also going to go with gradient colors so if I need to think about orange/yellow I'll have to change my plan. :roll:
I've never had the finished product turn out discolored but didn't want you to be shocked when you added it to the lye. If you are planning a color gradient I wouldn't worry about it at all. If you wanted perfectly white soap I'd say add a little TD but I'd say that even if you weren't using any aloe juice.
I've done both enough water for a 50/50 lye solution with the balance of the water in Aloe juice and all Aloe juice (with some frozen cubes). Both worked great. My says it's 99% has citric acid plus sodium and potassium benzoate.

BTW I found a forgotten jug way under my soaping table that was probably out after it was used about two months ago and showed no signs of mold and smelled like new. When things I would expect to spoil don't I feel kind of unnerved.
That's good to know about your forgotten jug, boyago. I was looking at the exp date on mine thinking I would need to plan to use it fairly quickly once opened. It says use by Oct 2016 but often things are only good for weeks once opened. Thanks for your input!

ETA: Has anyone noticed a difference in the cured soap between 50/50 split with water v/s 100% aloe?
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