Using African Black Soap in CP

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Nov 14, 2010
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Hi, I've used the search engine here and searched videos on YouTube, but I'm still a little unsure how to go about this. Ann Marie from Brambleberry just did a video on using their new ABS crumbles in rebatch but I want to incorporate it into CP.
I received some ABS from (I think) @cmzaha during a destash and forgot I had it until that BB video. Now I'm intrigued.
The most pertinent advice I've seen on here (YouTube was pretty useless - mostly just how to attempt to dupe ABS) was to shred the ABS and use it like confetti at light trace. Does it blend at all with this method or just stay as distinct confetti? One of the few helpful videos wasn't about making soap, but how to dissolve ABS and the lady mentioned using a mortar and pestle to break it down into small crumbs. This sounds like a viable option, so I'm thinking I'll try that and add it at light trace.
My thoughts are to use my usual recipe and add maybe 30% ABS crumbs, making sure I have additional molds ready for the extra batter.
Ideally I want the ABS well incorporated into the bar and not just in chunks here and there, if that makes sense.
TIA for any tips or advice you may have!