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Apr 29, 2022
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I'm following a recipe I found on youtube with a textured top that you spray using a 2 part alcohol to 1 part mica. However... when i mixed the mica with alcohol (very well) and funneled it into a spray bottle it would immediately clog. Tried it in 2 separate bottles with the same results. Is there a step I'm missing?
I use a similar gizmo from Mad Micas. I resoundly second the 'wear a mask' or respiriator to protect your lungs from the particles. In fact, I suggest holding up or setting up a sort of backdrop to catch the particles and spray sparingly with the soap directly in front of the backdrop. The glitzy spray gets everywhere if you're not careful.

Oh, and keep pets & babies out of the room. They don't need to breath in those nano-particles.
I haven’t tried spraying mica in alcohol, but this gizmo works well for dry mica. I recommend wearing a dust mask if you decide to go this route because the dry particles do fly around.

Actually found this last night while I was browsing for a solution. Thanks! Would still like to figure out how to get it to work same as the video. It really bugs me when I can't get the same result. I ended up sprinkling it on as well.
@Vinny Do you know the size range of the mica you’re trying to use? One of the Nurture brand gold micas I use (Shimmer Gold) has a size range of 20-200 microns while the others are 10-60 microns (Rapunzel, Sahara Gold and possibly also Maya Gold).

Did not even know that was something to look for thanks for the heads up! I bought a mica sprayer from nurture but will take that into account next time around.
I've tried a spray bottle for mica but it doesn't work well for me, it gets everywhere. I use a tea strainer and it's easier for me, easier to clean, too.
Defintely invest in a respirator, micro powder this this is bad bad for ur lungs.
I have once tried to mix mica with rubbing alcohol into a spray. It worked. But I did not follow a recipe, just eyeballed it. I'm very sure I did use less than 1 part mica to 2 parts alcohol. So maybe that is the problem, the mica content is way too high and that is why it clogs up? I guess it can depend on the sprayer as well.
I've had mixed results- I definitely prefer it to just loose powder but when I spritz its definitely less concentrated that a 2:1 ratio