Update on Muddy River Fragrance Oils


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Feb 22, 2016
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At the beginning of June I purchased two fragrance oils from Muddy Soap Company, a new-to-me company. The fo's are Blackberry Magnolia and Birch & Black Pepper. Out of the bottle, they both smelled good to me - not simple, but sophisticated. I made a small batch of soap with each one, and am giving an update for anyone interested.

The Blackberry Magnolia definitely has a fruity and floral component. It is hard to pin down exactly. I do like it, but I can't describe it very well. There is also a perfumy quality to it. It did not rice, seize, accelerate, or darken my soap.

The Birch & Black Pepper is more of a masculine scent. Sometimes I can smell the black pepper and sometimes not. This one also behaved well.

Both scents are complex and struck me as being high quality. You know, how with some fo's, you open the bottle and they just smell cheap? These definitely did not. I think they're both keepers and certainly worth trying.