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Apr 5, 2018
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Well, this is a first! I soaped last night, gelled under towels. Just now I went to unmold and cut. But things got warmer as I pulled off the layers of towels! I put the towels back on. The silicone sides pull from the soap readily and it's 'cheddar cheese' consistency to the touch. Should I wait another 24 hours? What do my peeps say?

It's my base recipe and I always use sodium lactate at 3% of oil weight. Kinda surprised since we're having a cold snap and the basement was cooler than normal.
I cut warm if it's at "cheddar cheese".
The risk, cutting warm, is that the soap can smear a little, and I've found that cutting before it's cooled can also add to soda ash.

(But I worry that if it's already set up, it will be too hard after another day ... compromise could be to cool for a few hours and cut then?)
I have cut warm, but usually will uncover and wait until it's cool to take it out of the mold. I haven't had the soap be too hard to cut after waiting another day, but I don't often use palm either so YMMV. I'd take it out of it's insulating layers and let it cool, then unmold and cut.
Thanks, @Marsi and @dibbles ! Following your advice, I uncovered for a few hours. It's fine, cut, and pics posted.
I keep meaning to tell @Marsi that one of my favorite flowers is globe thistle. Not sure what you call them down there -- it's your avatar.
I'm off to find the photo's! :thumbs:
Thank you. The shape and colour of the globe thistle (same common name here too) is very attractive to me 😊