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Mar 12, 2015
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tenby West wales
Is it just me that gets super excited everytime I unmold my soap - it's mental I know what it's going to look like but just cannot wait to see - my husband keeps saying "leave it leave it" but I end up putting the mould in the freezer so I can get to the unmolding quicker............. There is something seriously wrong with me.
You're not mental at all unless I am too! I always get excited to unmold my soap even if it's one I've made 20 times before. I love soaping and never get tired of the feeling of accomplishment I get.
It never gets old for me! My fella is an enabler though. I will be twitching and he says 'Well, go unmold it!' (but I better not.) I am better now with repeat soaps, but a new color or technique, or scent and I am still sooooo awful.
Not only unmolding but those first few cuts where you can hold it and admire it! I always get impatient when I've tried a new swirl or color. "I wanna see, I wanna see!" runs through my head like a mantra, lol. So if you're crazy, you're in good company!
I'm new enough that I don't know what it's going to look like! That makes the waiting almost impossible. When I cut the first few bars and it looks like actual soap I feel like I've performed some minor magic. :)
Almost 13 years later and yes, I'm still like that. I get excited to unmold and cut, and then after the first cut, and I put it on the curing rack, I'm "meh" and then excited about the next one! LOL
I was so excited to unmold a soap today in a new silicone mold that I ruined the soap (ok, not completely, just a little!)... So yes, after 3 years I still get *too* excited.