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Feb 4, 2021
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Devon, UK
Anyone got any ideas on packaging for soaps you could take away on travel with you? Lush do their special tins for their shampoo bars, but I find they always get stuck, even if the bar is dry and its awkward and messy to get out - My idea was maybe shaving a bar with a veggie peeler and then putting it in something, but I still don't know how well that would work, I think it would look nice though, little soap curls in a jar maybe, could be a nice Christmas gift! I also think it would be nice to have my own bar of soap with me when I go anywhere (my skin can be very funny with certain soaps and I know my soap doesn't make my eczema flare up) but its just not viable to take an entire bar without a pot or anything to keep it in. I just wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas!


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Apr 30, 2016
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Western Illinois, USA
I travel a lot, so travel soap is a standard for me. Originally I bought a guest soap tray mold (with indentations for the cutting) and used those. But now, I just cut small sizes to fit into my travel soap holder. No particular mold is really needed once I decided on the size I prefer for my travels. I wrap them the same as I do my larger soaps - shrink wrap & a mini label. I generally just keep them for myself rather than giving them away, so I don't do the whole label, just the high points to help me recall something specific about the soap on my travels.

I have a good solid plastic mini travel-size soap holder, from where I have no recollection! It's a small version of a larger more common soap holder (such as one may send their kid off to college with for taking to the dorm.) It's really about a perfect size to put one or two (depending on how small or thick) hotel soaps into. I always keep at least one travel bar in it and that lives in my ditty bag in my suitcase. In addition, I pack a couple (or more) new travel soaps for when I finish the other one.

Additionally, every time I travel I also carry with me one or two small travel soap trays (the kind that are self-draining) so that my travel soaps dry quickly. That also lives in my ditty bag in my suitcase.

So I would suggest that first you decide what size seems best for a travel soap, and find a suitable plastic container in which it will fit, then consider including a soap saver of some sort (self-draining soap dish for use while the soap is out of the holder). I would suggest finding a plastic mini travel soap holder that would fit your desired needs and cut soap to fit somewhat loosely. I would not choose tin or metal or anything fragile as hopefully, it will last a long time for many many trips.

As far as leaves of soap inside a container. They look nice in the beginning, but eventually they look like soap powder. Not pretty for long, especially for the seasoned traveler, and even worse if kept in a handbag for any length of time. And I never found those paper thin soap 'leaves' to be enough soap for even a single handwashing event. Seemed like a nice idea, but IME fell short of my expectations.


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Sep 13, 2021
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East Tennessee
I used to be on the road nearly full time. The best solution I found was to wrap a bar in a dry washcloth from home. Let the bar drip dry for a few minutes after your shower, then re-wrap it in the same washcloth. The surface of the damp bar might stick a bit to the cloth, but it never penetrated onto other things in my bag. This would work for weeks, then when I got home I would swap it out for a fresh washcloth. No matter what kind of container I used, it always ended up a goopy mess. The dry washcloth solution never let me down.

Someone should come up with a marketing approach for a "Road Warrior Soap Cloth" *shrug*

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