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You can start at Miller Soap Tips on Making Clear Glycerin Soap where Rachel describes how she makes transparent soap by melting CP shavings in alcohol, glycerin & sugar. It's essentially a rebatch job but with the liquid being alcohol & glycerin. I'm a bit dubious about it but might be okay with good alcohol. I'd advise the ethanol 95% (Everclear 190). The higher test alcohol makes the soap more transparent. The article says 99% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) works but I'm not convinced.

Anyway that's CP soap that has been HP rebatched. Dunno if that's close enough to CP transparent. I've been planning on doing it HP using Failor's method with double boiler and sealing the pan with heavy duty plastic sheet and bungees. It looks like the most reliable process to me. I've heard you can HP transparent soap in a crock pot, which is very intriguing.

Transparent soap usually involves gelling with solvents at elevated temperatures.
There is a very popular transparent soap making book out there. the name escapes me, the author is Fowler, not sure of the spelling.
Here is the title & author: Making Transparent Soap by Catherine Failor (2000)
Yeah, that's what I said. Catherine Failor's method. I think it's the best. Read her book and she'll have you convinced.

Her book "Making Transparent Soap" is considered to be the bible of transparent soapmaking. I agree!
I've finished reading the articles on Miller's site and there's a lot of good information there. Especially the "Transparent Soap Instructions from Kristy of Lovely Lathers of Ohio" part. Good directions but be sure to use 95% alcohol like Everclear 190.

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