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Aug 27, 2007
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I'm doing strictly M&P. I'm currently wrapping in saran wrap with a label on the front and back. I'm most likely doing a craft show early next month (sending in paperwork today). I think I want boxes. But will saran AND a box be overkill? I don't want my bars marred by using just saran... Hmmm. Decisions decisions...

Are soap boxes stamp-able? I could easily decorate them if they are stamp-able. Most things are stamp-able if you have the right ink :)
If you like soap boxes, go for it!
It's more time consuming doing both, but whatever works for you, will be fine. :)
They can be decorated pretty much any way you like.

Doing both is fine. The saran offers air tight protection yet the box will be your *image*.
I think actually that would look really nice both the saran wrap and the box. And most soap boxes, especially the kraft ones are easily stampable. You'll have to post a pic after you box and decorate! :)

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