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Feb 14, 2008
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Lemon Lime Shampoo and Mango Papaya Soap

I was afraid that the lemon lime layers would seperate. I cut them perpendicular to the layer so that no stress was placed on the surface between the two layers. The lime layer was colored with nettle leaf.

The mango papaya was colored with orange and yellow mica.

Pomegranet Soap and 4 Leaf clover soap

The pomegranet soap was colored with maddar root and the 4 leaf clover was colored with nettle leaf

Wow, they all look great!! You were one busy soaper this weekend. :D

Hi Joanne!

They look great! I really like the clover colors. Very nice.

If I can ask - which Pomegranate do you use? The one I use has started to smell less friuty and more playdoh like.
Marr - The pomegranate I used came from Nature's Garden. I haven't used it before but I will keep notes on the scent and will let you know. I hope it doesn't start smelling funny cause it smells really nice right now.