This soap should be ok, right?


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Nov 6, 2015
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So i was making the last batch of my christmas soap (very late, at this point its new years soap) and colossal fool that i am decided "sure i have enough oils for four pounds" , without actually checking anything.

I had my lye mixture all set (Strong tea infusion, using all my remaining tea bags) and was working on my oils when i realized, oh, im 30g short on shea butter AND avocado oil.

I thought about dumping the lye water and running the new recipe through the calculator, but didn't want to give up my tea infusion.

So i went as normal and added 30 g extra olive oil and 20g extra coconut oil.

I'm working with a 7% superfat and a 1500g recipe, so if my mathing is correct it should be totally usable still, just a % or two inaccurate as far as superfat goes.

I'm for sure going to sacrifice a bar and do an autopsy to look for any sort of lye heavy signs or anything, but again i think it should be fine to use, just a bit off numberwise from the usual recipe, yeah?


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Feb 11, 2008
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Right here, silly!
If my thinking is correct, you will not be in danger of ending up with a lye heavy soap, but your superfat will be slightly higher since coconut oil and olive oil have higher SAP#'s and will eat up more lye than the avocado and shea butter.

Edited to add- for what its worth, I wouldn't be too concerned about the higher superfat. I don't know what your total recipe looks like, but I can't imagine that the S/F would be too much higher than your 7%, and besides, coconut and olive are pretty stable oils.

IrishLass :)

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