Third batch and getting adventourous


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Mar 20, 2016
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Mandurah, Western Australia
Wow I can see why this is an addiction. Have made three batches already and we have called the third one "Latte". No prizes for guessing what it looks and smells like. Can't wait to escort it into the shower.

I am also about to dig deep into my pocket and come up with the ingredients for a more affordable answer to Nutrimetics dry skin lotion and after that a salve for aching muscles. It has taken a couple of days to design the recipes but I am very happy with them.

Some of the ingredients in the skin lotion are Almond Oil; Apricot Kernel Oil; Jojoba Oil; Baobab Oil; Tamanua Oil: all designed to get a few more summers out of my ageing hide. The estimated cost for 125grms will be about $6.00 including jar, labeling and an over the top (expensive) EO for fragrance.

Beats the bejabbers out of the network marketing prices.
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