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Feb 3, 2015
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I'm going to call this one the Dark Knight just because I love Batman! My first straight layer pour with a mica line. You can kinda see the wonky ones in the back where I should have spooned the layer first. I was surprised how liquid my lard recipe stayed. I think this was the first time ever I had a light trace going the whole time.

Next investment: soap cutter! The baby cheese cutter I picked up at Goodwill never gives me clean cuts since it's too small. Been debating whether I should spend the 15 on Amazon for the larger cheese cutter while I save up for a Bud's cutter.

Either way, at least a few came out the way I had planned. Hope BF likes it!



Is it really bad that I saw this post title and immedietly thought "oh, thats a movie name, must be spam, not going to click it" then I thought... "but, what if its not??" So I *CLICKED ITTTTT*. When I did, I was like "oooo yay! pretty soap!"

They are lovely soaps and I love the name despite my initial thoughts! :p
LOL galaxy!! I didn't even think about it confusing people. Glad it was a pleasant surprise.

I just really like Batman. I named my chili for a work cook off "The Dark Chili Rises" and put a Batman sign over my crockpot. The project managers at work thought I was running around my kitchen in a Batman cape while making it.
I thought "SPAM" also, until I saw that there were several posts on the thread. Love the soap!:p
My fiance and I have been fighting over who gets to play Arkham Knight since it came out. lol I love, love, love Harley and you just gave me a new idea. Thanks so much.
BTW, I love the soap. Did you scent it?
It's scented with the perfect man from NG. Smells so good!

My best friend just got a puppy and her husband actually named it Harley cause he loves Batman too.