The Critter Factor & Offspring Surprise


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Jan 7, 2016
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Im Jenny. I'm a newbie. I love soaping!

For other new people out there reading and researching before you actually make your first batch....I'd like to share something.

I read everything I could before mixing lye with water for the first time. Course like most people, I treated the lye like it was a nuclear bomb at first. My husband teased me with all my safety gear, like I was going into BL4 virus storage.

I mix my lye water in my garage. I have a lot of pets and the garage is the one place they never go.

The first few times I opened the garage door for ventilation, but I stopped opening it all the way when a GIANT TREE COCKROACH flew in just as I had a jar of lye in one hand and a long spoon in the other. My hair is in my face, I'm wearing long gloves that dont fit me well, and this roach is flying around my garage. I'm terrified its gonna land on my head and I'm gonna have to let it crawl on my head for the moment it'd take to free my hands or let the lye go flying. I almost dropped the granules everywhere. Usually at this point I holler for my husband or my son to come deal with the bug. But they wont come in without safety gear while I have the lye open. It flies directly at my head, I duck just in time and run inside screaming. me a wuss I dont care. But I live in Texas. And those suckers get BIG. Everyone is scared of something. So if you mix your lye outside and if you have a crazy irrational fear of flying insects....take it into consideration. Actually its not really a fear, more of...the heebie jeebbies.

And then there is the time where Im in the middle of mixing my lye water and my son decides to scare mom by peaking in and tossing something at toy or something. He didnt know what i was doing. But the object had to be thrown away, it landed in the water. I make sure everyone in the house knows what I"m doing.

I've had close calls cause I was too focused on the actual soap making to pay enough attention to my surroundings. I can only imagine how much harder it must be with little ones to watch for!

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