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This thread is intended to be an evolving thread, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to PM a mod and they would be happy to help/add new definitions upon request!!

Thanks to nframe for the alphabetized list.


AVG - Aloe Vera Gel
AKO - Apricot Kernel Oil
AVO - Avocado Oil
B&B - Bath and body
BF - Boyfriend
BTW - By the way
CM - Coconut Milk
CO - Coconut Oil
CP - Cold Process
CPHP - Crock Pot Hot Process
CPOP - Cold Process Oven Process
DBHP - Double boiler hot process
DHHP - Direct Heat Hot Process
DHHP - Direct heat hot process
DOS - Dreaded orange spots
DSM - Dead Sea Mud
Dupe - duplicate
DWCP, DW - Discounted Water Cold Process
EO - Essential Oil
EVO/EVOO - Extra virgin olive oil
FO - Fragrance Oil
GF - Girlfriend
GM - Goat Milk
GMP - Goat Milk Powder
GROT - General rule of thumb
H2O - Water
HB – Husband
HOSO – High oleic sunflower oil
HP - Hot Process
HTH - Hope this helps
IDSO - In desperate search of
IFNO - In frantic need of
IMHO - In my humble opinion
IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion
IMO - In my opinion
IPM - Isopropyl myristate
IRL - In real life
ISO - In Search Of (or in reference to isopropyl alcohol)
ITM swirl - In the mold swirl
ITP swirl - In the pot swirl
JM2C- Just my 2 cents
JMO - Just my opinion
KOH - Potassium hydroxide
MP - Melt & Pour
MWHP - Microwave hot process
NaOH - Sodium hydroxide
OHP - Oven Hot process
OM - Oatmeal
OMH - Oatmeal Milk & Honey
OO - Olive oil
OOB - Out of the bottle
PKF - Palm kernel flakes
PKO - Palm kernel oil
PO - Palm oil
PPO - Per pound of oil
RBO - Rice Bran Oil
ROE - Rosemary Oleoresin / Rosemary Oil Extract
RT - Room temp
SAO - Sweet Almond Oil
SAP - Saponification values
SB - Stick Blender (or shea butter)
SF - Superfat
SL - Sodium Lactate
SO – Sunflower oil or significant other
SS - Skin Safe, also stainless steel
TD - Titanium Dioxide
TIA - Thanks in advance
X2R - Exception to the rule
YMMV - Your mileage might vary

Supplier Acronyms:

AHRE – Aroma Haven and Rustic Escentuals
BB – Brambleberry
BC or BCN – Bittercreek Candle Supply – also referred to as Bittercreek North to differentiate from BCS
BCS – Bittercreek South Candle and Soap Supply
CS – Candlescience
DS – Day-Star Candle and Soap Supply
EB&B – Elements Bath and Body
ED – Essential Depot
EW – Essential Wholesale
ITDF – Ingredients To Die For
MMS – Majestic Mountain Sage
NDA – New Directions Aromatics
NG – Nature’s Garden Candle and Soap Supplies
OT – Oregon Trail Soaper’s Supply
Peak – not really an acronym, just a lazy way to refer to Peak Candle Making Supplies
SC/CF – Soaper’s Choice/Columbus Foods
SGS – Southern Garden Scents
SW – The Scent Works
SWC – Sweet Cakes Soapmaking Supplies
WSP or WSSP – Wholesale Supplies Plus


Absolute – The most concentrated form of fragrance made from semi-solid essential oil extract.
Allergy/Allergic - Something which effects the body in a bad way by causing discomfort, irritation, redness, swelling or excretion of fluids.
Anti-oxidants - Synthetic or natural substances added to products to prevent or delay their deterioration by action of oxygen in air.
Antiseptics - Capable of preventing infection by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.
Decoction – An herbal preparation made by heating the herb in water and reducing the concentration by evaporation.
Aromatherapy - The use of fragrances to affect or alter a person's mood or behavior.
Astringents - Medicine tending to draw together or constrict tissues; styptic.
Carrier Oil - An oil used to carry a certain selected fragrance, usually oils which do not have a strong scent such as sweet almond oil.
Cure- setting freshly cut soap aside on a rack for a period of days/weeks/months in order for the soap to dry out, harden, and to improve its qualities of usability in terms of gentleness, longevity, and lathering abilities.
Emollients - An agent that softens or soothes the skin
Essential Oil - Any of a class of volatile oils obtained from plants, possessing the odor and other characteristic properties of the plant, used chiefly in the manufacture of perfumes, flavors, and pharmaceuticals.
Exfoliant - A cosmetic product or ingredient intended to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin surface
Some synthetically derived, and some derived from blends of different natural elements.
Fold/Folded - Term used to designate an essential oil which is distilled further to produce more concentrated oil.
Food Grade - Suitable for safe edible use
Fractionated Oil - Oil which has been processed to separate components and remove some to produce oil with specific properties.
Fragrance Oil - A blended formula of scent or scents made by a commercial business.
Gel/Gelling/Gel Phase- the point at which the exothermic chemical reaction between the lye and oils/fats (saponification) speeds up/intensifies and causes the soap batter to go into a temporary, liquid crystalline state. In this phase, the batter heats up, and its appearance darkens and turns into a translucent gel, starting from the middle and spreading outward to the edges. Do not be alarmed- the batter is on the fast-track to becoming soap. As the saponification reaction concludes and the mixture turns to soap, things will cool back down, gradually harden, and become more opaque again.
Holistic - A term coined by Gen. J.C. Smuts, 1926 which concerns evaluating something as a whole rather than separate parts (ie holistic medicine)
Homeopathy - The method of treating disease by drugs, given in minute doses, that would produce in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the disease.
Hydrating - Something which supplies water or moisturization.
Hydrosol - Fragrant water derived from steam distillation of essential oils - also known as flower water, floral water or distillate water.
Infused Oil - An oil produced from immersed herbs/botanical material which have steeped for several weeks or months to absorb properties.
Infusion - Herbal preparation made from steeping herbs/botanical material in water.
Irritant - An element or compound which causes redness, swelling or discomfort the the body.
Rebatch - To melt and redo a recipe, making changes to ingredients in order to make a more favorable batch.
Sniffie - A fragrance oil sample, a few drops on a cotton ball or Q-tip
Superfatting- The practice of calculating extra oil/fat into ones soap formula than is needed to have a complete 1:1 reaction with the lye. This is done to provide a safety cushion of fat/oil in order to prevent lye-heaviness.
Tincture - Herbal preparation made from steeping herbs/botanical material in alcohol.

Special thanks/Sources: Tabitha, Paul (SMM), Cathy8, Vic, azure, Mandy, and the almighty Google (lol)

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