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Nov 13, 2016
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This is a post script to my post "The Lengths to Which We'll Go, aka My Thanksgiving",
about the lengths to which we'll go for our soaping addiction.

Last Wednesday night-Thursday/Thanksgiving morning when I was trying to purchase crock pots on sale online from a big box store's Black Friday sale ad and was foiled immediately by the "out of stock" message, a lot of ideas went through my head. My fingers flew and I had many windows open on the laptop, searching different sale ads and websites, and stayed up until 3 AM EST frequently re-checking in case the box store re-stocked their online inventory.

So in the hustle and bustle of the holiday, my first Black Friday shopping event, lack of sleep, disappointment, etc, I did something that I forgot until I received an email yesterday.

One of my ideas had been to go ahead and order some other sale crock pots that weren't at as good a price as the ones just under $10. They were $14.99, although still 5 quarts. Not being sure my husband would agree to go to the box store with me to shop for Black Friday crock pots, I contemplated ordering the $14.99 ones, just in case.

Remember that I said in my previous post that I had gone online and set up my account well ahead of the sale time? The items were in my cart, just waiting for the sale price to take effect so I could check out quickly.

Apparently at some point during those late-night hours when my husband was asleep and blissfully ignorant of my efforts to save us money and hassle, I went ahead and ordered some at the $14.99 price. Which I totally forgot about until I received the email notifying me that part of my order has shipped.

Oops! Looks like I'll be returning some $14.99 crock pots, lol. It is free shipping on orders over $49 so at least I won't have paid shipping on them.
Ha, I have now received another email saying that the rest of that forgotten order has been shipped. Good to know. These were items ordered in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning so it took 7 and 8 days for this big box store to get the order out with all of their many employees. 'Tis the season for busy warehouses and lots of packages in the mail. :)
Crockpots do wear out. Or the insert could crack and you need a spare. Or maybe you'll forget about that niece/nephew/neighbor's kid who just got back from college and came the the Christmas party.... many reasons to keep them ;)
As an interesting footnote, I'll share a local phenomenon that I've noticed. Pricing at thrift stores can be wildly variable, but at one I can conveniently visit pricing suddenly changed for the worse about 2 years ago, getting downright ridiculous in some cases. Used crock pots--and we are talking VERY used crock pots in rough shape--have been being listed at $9.99-$14.99 at the thrift store. It could be there is a business opportunity there, standing outside the thrift store selling brand new crock pots in the box with warranties for only a few dollars more than what the thrift store wants for dirty, chipped, might-not-work crock pots. Things that make you go, "Hmmm....." :think: ;-) LOL
It depends on the thrift store. For example, I've noticed that jeans are $2-$4 at Salvation Army, but $10 at GoodWill. Salvation army also usually has good prices on crockpots.