Thanks for having me! Relatively rookie soap maker making a career out of it

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Jun 5, 2024
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San Diego
Hi! My name is Albert. I began making my own soap to solve a life style problem I was running into.

Due to some health complications a few years ago, I had to start holistically trying to reduce imflammation and optimize my hormones. This path led me to be passionately against harmful ingredients like SLS and Parabens, and I am also seed oil sensitive so soap with Palm Oil etc. is not my favorite.

One day I was in the shower, and my subconcious bubbled something up that I wanted to stop using soap all together because I felt like it was making me (internally) dirtier and disrupting my endocrine system.

I reverse engineered what products I would like to put on my skin and thought "No way I can make soap with just these ingredients and make no compromises, right?"

Turns out soap making is a wild and wonderful thing, and sure enough I could. My product was born and now I have been using for over a year and selling at farmers markets and online. While I have been lucky to run into minimal/no trouble early on, I still want to become part of the community to give back and the opportunity to lean on some of our veteran soap makers if I have a question about the batch.

Thanks for having me!!

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