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Oct 9, 2007
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I don't quite know where to post this, so I thought general chat might be a good catch-all? I just wanted to say thank you to the members of this board! I'm not a new soaper (but I act like one!) and have had a lot of questions that get quick replies! I really appreciate that. I think through this board I've saved a couple of batches just this week alone! Anyway- the advice is greatly appreciated.

That is what we are here for. We enjoy helping out, because we know that if we needed help, you would help us! Glad you are here with us!
seo, your very welcome! We love helping new ones and even seasoned soapers who may have not soaped in a while. We have a lot of knowledge between all of us! CP, HP, M&P, and the list goes on. That is what I really love about this forum, we treat each other respectfully and we never bash someone for asking a question who is seriously trying to learn the soap making arts! We look forward to seeing much info from you!

Paul....:) :wink: