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Sep 25, 2015
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This may be obvious, but since I am testing at weekly intervals, do I need to cut off a new piece of soap for each week? In other words, once I start using the soap, does the curing stop (does that make sense??)?

I started testing my soap at one week and just used the piece of the corner that broke off. I have just been trying to note any differences in the past two weeks. It seems to lather better. I have had it laying in a soap dish with a drain. But, I am wondering if I cut a sliver off a bar now if it would be totally different to the corner I've been using? I know I could just go out there and cut off a piece and try it, but it looks so nice sitting there in one piece curing:)
I chopped my soap into little pieces, each piece is per week. So they are curing that way. And then I leave one full sized bar to hold onto from each batch to see how it will pass the years.

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