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Mar 24, 2020
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Hi everybody,
test results are back from the lab . . . .
stearic acid 60%
shea butter 20% (test #1 had both shea and cocoa butters)
coconut oil 15%
castor oil 5%
NaOH/KOH 40%/60%
liquid : lye ratio 3.5:1
glycerin 10% (oil weight)
super fat 6%

#3, (this is my first put together recipe)
stearic acid 50%
tallow 20%
shea butter 10%
kokum butter 5%
coconut oil 8%
castor oil 7%
NaOH/KOH 35%/65%
liquid : lye ratio 3.5:1
glycerin 10% (oil weight)
super fat 7%

take aways from lab results.
Both lathered well.
I felt #3 shave was closer, cleaner/smoother than #2.
#2 had a higher stearic count at 68 vs. #3 at 61. (mmm, will have to look into that)
Like the harder puck. So will use 40/60 for batch #4. still need more research here, would 45/55 be even harder?

So, #4 is looking like this so far.....
stearic acid 60%
tallow 15%
shea butter 9%
cocoa butter 5%
coconut oil 4%
castor oil 7%
NaOH/KOH 40%/60%
liquid : lye ratio 3.5:1
super fat 7%
glycerin 10% (oil weight)
sodium lactate 5% (oil weight) (helps loosen batter late in the game?)
stearic count back up to 68

Also, tried a bunch of containers. see pic. mug, cavity mold, tins, pringles can. Shave #2 on left, #3 on right.
liked them all. Using the mug. To test #2, tin for #3

1 question. Will/can a dual lye shave soap batter. Ever be as fluid as a CP recipe? I would like to pour into a my pvc molds.
still learning, having fun. Still a newbie in every sense of the word.
Please, any and all comments are encouraged. Never give up, never surrender!
@Ford I always enjoy seeing your creations and reading your posts. Don't really agree that you are a newbie, unless you are referring only to shave soap, in which case, I'm right there with ya. And I'm not giving up or surrendering, either!

@Professor Bernardo has some good shave soap posts documenting what he does to make the recipe more fluid, including lots more water, if I remember correctly. Highly recommended reading. :)
Hi, thank you. Yes, the professor has some very good reading. I tried upping my water. But 3.5 : 1 was the highest "soap makers friend" would let me go.
Maybe I was not doing something incorrectly. Will try to up it again. Before next attempt.
With the ingredients we need for shaving soap it's not likely to ever be as pourable as cp soap. Let's be honest, even a 'normal' soap recipe done hp rather than cp isn't going to be as pourable as the cp version and that's without adding in the high amount of free fatty acid that we use.

While still in the testing phase I would suggest making micro batches, unless you have a good use for the left overs. I used Tupperware type pots in a microwave (carefully!) to save making too much of a soap that I probably wouldn't end up using

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