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Dec 21, 2006
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This is always so tricky to explain.

You need 2 cups, each w/ a diff colored soap, let it get a bit thick then pour both at the exact same time, very slowly, 1 starts at the NW corner of the mold & 2 starts at the SE corner of the mold, criss cross the cups while pouring untill you get the desired effect. If they are too hot they will blend into 1 mucky color.

You could also pour the mold 3/4 full with 1 color & let it start to thicken & come back through w/ a *hot* batch of soap & pour it around & back & forth untill you have the desired effect. The heat of the 2nd soap will cut/burn it's way into the 1st sightly thick soap.

Hope that made sense.

The above is the 1st swirl I ever did about 6 years ago. It was peaches & cream. The photo is really dark & blury but it *may* give you an idea. I learned to swirl better but can't seem to find any other swirl photos :roll: .


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Sep 2, 2007
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Tabitha is the expert! This is essentially what I did as well....however I was a real newbie and just blind good luck I got a nice swirl. I think that letting the two ciups of soap base set up a bit really is the ticket to success. I used an utlramarine blue color swirled into a white opaque base. I first put about a tablespoon of glycerine (from the drug store) into a little zip lock baggie and then I added a bit of the powder. It was very very intense. I mushed this powder around with my fingers..after I ziplocked the baggie..LOL...and when it looked all smooth, I cut a little sliver off the bottom of the bag and dripped it into the measuring cup that held the part of the soap base that I wanted to color. Mixed...and then...did as Tabitha did!! I think it is important to use a non bleeding or migrating color for this. Also, I poured into a log and the little I had left over went into some individual molds. Those did not turn out so nicely for some reason. I don't have pictures but I just showered with a sliver of this log that I kept for myself and the swirl is still in place. I want to try some more this way. I only wanted a vein of color so I did not have equal cups of base to start with. Now, if only I could swirl CP this easily!!

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