swirling suspension base for the 1st time....

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Feb 13, 2015
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I'm intrigued by what soap fantasy does on her video on youtube. I'll be using Stephenson suspension base also for the first time. On the video additional oil is added to the base. I'm wondering if this is essential to achieve the desired effect.
I also recall Carolyn saying her daughter uses Stephenson bases and that the melting temperature was, I believe, higher....I wonder what that number might be?
Many thanks to all...I'm having a great time making soap, thanks to all your advice!
I have never used Stephenson bases, but I find that I don't generally need to add extra oil. Cut a small chunk off of your base and wash your hands. If you like the feel then you don't need the oil, if you thin it needs improvement add the oil.

I can't comment much on the temperature differences between bases. Since you are basing your questions on YouTube, check out Soap Queen tv. She doesn't have as many m&p videos as soap fantasy but she explains her products. Brambleberry carries Stephenson bases, so I assume that's what she uses in the videos.

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