Superfatting liquid soap?

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Jul 3, 2022
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So, i went through the viability of mineral oil. It's not viable, too much time and trouble to try to solubilize mineral oil in polysorbate 80.
Pro of mineral oil?
1. It does not go rancid and doesn't saponify; if you're making bar soap, it's great to toss in when you add your oils to lye so you don't have to mix in later.
2. Viable for bar soap, but not liquid.
3. It moisturizes pretty well, and is cheap.

But, i'm not doing bar soap, but rather liquid. A lot of research went into oils with a longer shelf life, and apparently there's meadowfoam seed oil i will do experiments with next.

The question is if i get an oil solubilized in poysorbate 80, would something like a 10% superfatting of liquid soap be possible?

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