Suggestions for a kids' soap with discoloring FO?


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Feb 8, 2013
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I need to make an all veggie kid soap, I've planning to use the Walmart GV veggie shortening...anyone have a decent recipe for that?

And, I'm using Monkey Farts FO (Elements) and I would love to make a cool, colorful soap and I could really use some ideas.

I have the Vibrance micas from Nurture and some TD. It will be given to boys and girls.

Thanks for any ideas, it's one of two batches I have left for my gifts!

(One of the kids recently went vegetarian, thus the veggie soap)


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May 28, 2015
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I'd do a swirl and only scent the part of the batter that you intend to be the brown swirl...then maybe do a blue swirl on the rest?

I don't have any recipies, sorry!

Just as a sidenote, the Monkey Farts I use from Fragrance Buddy has a minimal, if any, discolor when I use it in HP :).


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Aug 16, 2014
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Near Charlotte NC
Sorry, I haven't used that oil so I cannot give any recipes for it. I *think* it has a lot of soybean oil in it like regular vegetable oil. If so, I'd be careful to watch the combination of fatty acids in any recipe and keep the Linoleic + Linolenic to 15 or under. That's a rule of thumb to help prevent DOS.

I'm not sure if hydrogenation changes the fatty acid profile of soybean oil so much it reduces Linoleic + Linolenic fatty acids down enough so that you can use a big portion of it without worrying...

If I'm expecting a really dark discoloration (and assume I'll get a lot of bleed over), I like to use embeds. For a super colorful soap, I'd probably make a 1/4 batch a couple of days prior and leave it unscented. Then roll into balls or some other shape.

If I'm expecting a less intense FO discoloration and want a lot of color in my soap, I'd go for 3/4 scented and just do a design that doesn't require too much swirling.... a drop swirl, layer, etc.

If I'm expecting a discoloration and want a little color in my soap, I'd go for 3/4 scented and use an accent color. For those I like to do ITP or Clyde Slides.