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Aug 27, 2022
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Ottawa Ontario Canada
Hello everyone šŸ‘‹
I'm trying different solvents to make fluid hot process.
So far I tried sugar syrup(pantry sugar only, I'll switch to sorbitol if I can get it, loved the bubbles!), ethyl alcohol, yogurt and Sodium lactate.
I don't want to get into all of them and make this too long, I'm hoping to use a combination (probably yogurt and sugar syrup) and have a set % that I can put in the recipe builder.
When it comes to a sugar syrup, how much is too much? Is there a % that I can set as standard? And if I add too much, what is this going to do to the soap in the run? Sweat? Get moldy? DOS?
Thank you in advance for your help!
I tend to use sugar at 2% of my oil weight. The amount of water used to make it into a syrup doesnā€™t really matter much, other than not making the batch too watery. But honestly, there is a lot of latitude with the water amount; itā€™s the sugar you want to track for the most part.

So you will need to figure out the percentage of sugar in your syrup if you make it ahead of time. I always make mine on the fly with hot water from an electric kettle. That allows me to measure out the sugar in a cup ahead of time, and simply pour the hot water over it to dissolve it right before adding it. That keeps it nice and hot, which really helps with fluidity. I often put my sodium lactate and mica in the cup, too. SL really helps with fluidity, too. šŸ˜€
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Does it matter when you put the sugar into the cooked soap? Milks will brown the soap, but does plain sugar do the same? I'm running low on Sorbitol and don't have time to wait for an order from Amazon. I need to use sugar for a couple of batches.

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