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Jan 13, 2021
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Perth; Western Australia
Hello all you fellow soapies,

Suggestions needed for Upcoming Travel

Thank you for all your caring and sharing. Couldn't do this without you.

As per the kind suggestions from Zany and Earlene, I have copied my initial post into this new thread.

I have been reading threads on this forum and slowly buildng up a wishlist of your favourite F/O.

I know this is subjective, but I am asking you to so kindly share your best selling F/O in CP - with the following in mind:-

I am planning a road trip in USA (& a short trip into Canada) and will end up in Seattle early October. I have contacted the hotel that I am booked at, and they willing to accept parcels for me.

I would love to buy some F/O (which can be transported via air) from different suppliers-

  1. Shipping must be fair/free /free for a minimum order, to Seattle.
  2. F/O must be strong & long lasting in CP (very important to me)
  3. minimal or no acceleration though I can work with this if warned in advance)
  4. minimal/no discolouration (though I can work with this if warned in advance)
I will be visiting Colorado; Utah; California; Washington, (& also Canada BC & Alberta) but want to leave my F/O for collection at point of departure (Seattle) in order to save on internal air fares and for convenence. (I don't want the items to be sitting in a hot car for long periods of time)

I am concerned with purchases iro of new IFRA, so I'd be very grateful for suggestions taking this into account. (I've been reading about concerns about BB usage rates on this forum).

Thank you so much.
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