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Nov 1, 2020
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New Hampshire
I have been having a tough time with stick blenders wearing out and introducing air bubbles, which is annoying. I wish I could fix the bell part, but they don’t seem to be repairable. I’ve been using this model per a previous thread stick blender question
I like the blender but it seemed to develop air leaks quicker than the one I used previously. I have replaced the bell twice already.
BUT - for anyone in the northeastern US the store Ocean State Job Lot has a “crazy deal” on this model
The “crazy” part of the deal is that you buy one for $39 and get a $39 gift card. So, basically it’s free. I have purchased one and just bought a back up. I like it pretty well - it seems to suck to the bottom of the bowl more than the CSB-175, and the button to remove the bell is ridiculously difficult to operate (maybe mine is defective though) but for a free stick blender it’s pretty good. They only do “ship to store” so if you’re not near a store it won’t be worth it.
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