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Has anyone used stearic acid in their m&p as a hardener. I noticed a lot of my m&p soaps are very, very soft. I was considering this as a solution. Has anyone tried it?


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Nov 6, 2007
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My MP soaps are incredibly hard. Actually I'm trying to soften them up just a tad, moisturize them up big time, and most importantly, lather (w/big bubbles) them up. I get mine from BCN, but I have in my candle room right now a few lbs from KY candle that I got today, and will use within a few days. Will have to re-melt my already made & scented MPs and add some shaving MP, apparently this will help with the big bubble problem I have. So, sorry cannot help you in the hardness, because I have ALREADY a hard base soap.

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