Stand mixer to make bar soap

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Aug 24, 2021
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I had no idea where to post this but I wanted to share something that was an issue for me when I began soaping. I didn't have a stick blender and couldn't get one at the time. I made my mainly tallow soap by hand and was amazed how fast my soap became suddenly thick trace. I also have a stand mixer. Its a kenwood and really pro. One day I decided to try it out. I set it at low and in no time it was done. The soap was one of my best and smoothest soaps yet and loved by everyone who tried it. Yes it was mainly sheeps tallow (no olive oil, no coconut but my regular refinement oils at a low percentage). The point here is stand mixers (at least kenwood) works excellent for making this kind of soap with tallow at least. So anyone beginning who has no stick blender, may want to give it a try, I think I will make another batch in the same way.